Food assistance

Access food quickly, when you need it.


Accessing healthy food on campus can be difficult. From trying to understand what food options are available to choosing between rent and food, students are often hit hardest by changing food prices and tight finances.

Working with UNB's Financial Aid office, the UNBSU was a partner in creating a digital food bank in the form of Sobey’s gift cards accessible to all students for when they need it most.

Whether you're an individual, single parent, or married student, each of us need help differently.

No student should ever have to choose one essential need over another, so we've partnered with Financial Aid and other member supporters in putting this gift card program in place, helping students make ends meet and not worry if they'll be able to eat today.

After meeting with a UNB Financial Aid team member, Sobey’s gift cards may be issued to pay for gas, prescriptions, and groceries at Sobey’s stores.

To access this program, please call/email UNB Financial Aid below.

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UNB Financial Aid