Eating @ UNB

What, where, and alternatives to eating on campus. 


Finding where, what time, and what food is being served all while getting to and from class can make it more difficult to maintain a balanced diet.

Did you know that Sodexo posts their menu's online everyday?
Check them out here!

Luckily, there are a ton of supports to ensure students dietary needs, meal preferences, and budgets are recognized in their food options.


The Student Health Centre is UNB's primary health care centre, available to full-time UNB/STU students. They have an in-house dietician available for consultations and dietary advice, including for eating in residence.

Sodexo is UNB's food service provider, operating all dining halls and most cafe's on campus. If you have allergies or dietary requirements, let a Sodexo manager know and they will happily help you out. 


Questions or want help finding an answer about food on campus?

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